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What’s it all about?

Some days I just want to scream out that song from Jesus Christ Superstar, I don’t know how to love him, but the part I am referring to is when Mary Magdalene sings “What’s it all about?” I think that so often, but therein lies the dilemma, how do we really know where we are supposed to be and if we doing what it is we are supposed to do?! I sat with a good friend at the park yesterday and we contemplated these deep thoughts, lol. At times it was deep, at times we just laughed. She is in a lull, a quiet and almost boring time before a new chapter in her life begins in the fall, yet she is struggling with that emptiness she feels in her quiet time. I get that. I sat at the¬†coffee-house today and it felt incredibly lonely, almost surreal, as the rain poured down & sad sort of jazz music played. I was by myself, intentionally, but didn’t expect the lonely feeling. It was a quiet time in my day and I should have cherished that quietness & felt peaceful. How do we lose those moments and have them turn into loneliness?! Yesterday I felt on top of the world – perhaps it was the change in weather as yesterday was hot & sunny, today was cloudy, rainy & stormy. Perhaps I just need to stop thinking for a bit, maybe ignorance really is bliss – and that’s what it’s all about!