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I should be exercising. I should be cleaning. I should be doing anything but sitting on the computer (or watching Ally McBeal on Netflix – which is truly still calling my name). I have the house to myself and I could be getting a million things done but instead I am enjoying the silence (when the TV isn’t on) and solitude. I can leisurely sip my coffee, stay in my pajamas, and find a million reasons why I can’t make it to the gym. Yet, Jiminy Cricket will not leave my shoulder. Why do I feel so guilty taking this day to do nothing?! Kids are visiting grandparents. Husband is on business trip. I had such grand plans to have so much done – but here I sit, typing on my blog and feeling slightly less guilty than I did watching Damages on Netflix (trying to rationalize with Jiminy that the blog is like work so he can’t yell at me as much as when I was on the couch watching TV). In 48 hours, my house will be full again and this solitude will be gone. I need to let the guilt go and just enjoy…why is that so hard?!