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Neighborhood or Gifted in CPS?! It’s making me sick!

Why are we putting labels our kids? Shouldn’t we be taking labels away? So then why are classes at some schools give the title “gifted” and the other class is given “neighborhood”? What happened to the days when it was just level 1,2,3, or 4. You all knew who was in each group but it was so blatantly spelled out.

“Okay, boys and girls, the kids in the gifted class are smarter than everyone else in the school, they will achieve more than their neighborhood class, they will get ice cream just because, they will get to have non uniform day, and they will definitely succeed, just because they are gifted. What a fabulous, nice class to work with”. And then let’s turn to neighborhood…”well, kids you are neighborhood. We don’t expect a lot but you will probably learn. However, you won’t amount to anything after school and you are certainly harder to teach than the gifted, dang (teacher shakes his head) this would be so much easier if you were all gifted. But you aren’t so I think you need a silent lunch. You haven’t done anything yet, but we know you will.”

My daughter had a girl kick her out of a classroom “You aren’t gifted, you can’t be here, hahahaha.” Hmmm, but someone it isn’t bullying because it came from a gifted student.

I despise labels to begin with but the labels at school are out of hand and I am tired of it!