Make them try it!

Eating is an essential part of life.  It plays a large role in families, business, and entertaining.  Children need to learn to eat – and when I say eat; I mean eat what is put in front of them.  We have a rule at our house, that whatever is made for dinner, it must be tasted.  This rule was established when we only had our daughter and it has been one of the best rules we have followed for both of our kids.  They do not have to eat the entire serving, but they need to taste it, everything and every time I serve it.  For instance, broccoli, the first time they tasted it, neither of them liked it. The second time they still didn’t like it but ate a tiny bit more.  By the third and fourth times, they loved it.  Now broccoli is one of their favorite foods.  My children will eat what is put in front of them – be it oysters, sushi, brussel sprouts, tofu, steak, or salad.  They love it all and they will try it all.  My daughter and her best friend actually just requested that her school start serving brussel sprouts. This rule is especially important when they start eating at friends houses or you take them to a dinner at a colleague’s house.  It is incredibly rude when a host or hostess has made a fabulous dinner and a child chimes in with “Ew, I don’t like that or I won’t eat that.”  Or you have the even more difficult child, who asks the host or hostess if they will make something else (and the parent of the child who just stands there and lets the child ask and then lets the host make an alternative ). Yes, that child & that parent have been at my house, I do not like it! And when they leave I always point out to my kids that they better NEVER say to someone who has welcomed them in their home and made  dinner. Children should eat what was made and thank the chef, whoever it may be, for making it. Yes, we all have food we don’t like but insist that your child sit down and taste what is served several times (and when I say several times, I don’t mean several times in one sitting.  I mean have them taste it once each time it is served) before you allow your child to pass judgment and claim that it is a food that they don’t like or won’t eat. In the end, you will thank yourself and other parents will thank you.


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